When God’s Kingdom comes on earth


The earth is a place that has been reserved for the sons and daughters of men to reside in. It is filled with so many happenings and experiences. Some of these experiences are filled with sweetness, but a good deal of them are filled with sorrow. The earth is a place where people are faced with the harsh realities of life. If situations are palatable today, that doesn’t mean that it would be fine tomorrow. Many people think that the antidote for the sorrows that fill the earth is for someone to be filled with riches and wealth. Well, riches and wealth are good, especially when gotten legitimately. But there is a popular saying gotten from an old soap opera that says ‘‘the rich also cry.’’ This is a true saying.

There are problems that happen to the rich which cannot be solved by the multitude of wealth they possess. So you can see that there are problems here and there all over the world.
From the Christianity point of view, it is not wrong to say that our problems as humans started with the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. If you are well versed in the scriptures, you would remember and also attribute the casting down of the devil to earth as the major cause of all the problems that humans face daily, (Revelation 12:10-12, NKJV).
The scriptures above said: ‘‘woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you, having great wrath’’……………

It is not wrong to say that the arrival of the devil and the fall of Man by the deceit of the devil brought forth another type of life and kingdom which is alien to God’s and His original plan and purpose for Man; hence, all the sorrows we see today.
But as a good person, and as a good Christian, it is necessary for us to know that the ugly situations need not continue. Things can be made better. And this is the reason why God brought Jesus Christ to us to learn of Him. The wisdom that Jesus taught in His time is the wisdom of God which is able to terminate the ways of the devil on earth. The ways of the devil reside in the kingdom of darkness, but the ways of Christ reside in the kingdom of God.
When the simple ways of Christ are learnt, there will be much peace and love in the world. Then the kingdom of God will come on earth. Jesus told the people in His teachings that the kingdom of God is within them (Luke 17:21). It means everything that the kingdom of God stands for can be seen through Jesus. So you can understand what it means when the Apostle Paul said the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, (Romans 14:17). God wants us to be the embodiment of what His Son Jesus stands for, and when this happens by humans loving one another, and being righteous towards themselves, there will be peace, love and joy on earth, which is an evident sign of God’s kingdom happening here on earth. This helps to abolish the evil ways the people have learnt from the devil.
So, just as Jesus was the kingdom of God manifesting on earth in His days, the love and righteousness we show to one another as a people makes us the kingdom of God on earth, that is, a situation and place where the ways of God are consistently manifesting to make earth conducive for the believers in Christ and the world generally.