The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Month: November 2018

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How to fight the good fight of faith?

To fight means to have a physical encounter with someone or something. Fighting the good fight of faith is to stay focused while you work through a circumstance by faith. Temptations will arise, trials will come, staying focused in faith according to the grace bestowed upon us in what guarantees the ‘good fight’. After everything Paul had gone through in his life time, he was able to write at the end of his days that he has fought the good fight. Why? He never gave up. He kept on pressing until he got to the finishing line strongly (2 Timothy

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Fulfilling and remaining in the will of God

  The question of how to fulfil God’s will has always been one that most people ask themselves at some point in life. Also, this question or thought often comes up when it seems there is sometimes lacking in our lives. And this does not necessarily mean when we lack finances because there are also well-to-do people that also seek this goal. But here is a fact; when it comes to fulfilling and remaining in the will of God, you and I are the ones responsible for not making it a reality yet. Why is this so? The simple answer

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Operating in the Glory of God

  The distinctiveness of God in creation is the glory He gave each of the things He created. It doesn’t matter whether they are classified as living things or not. There are myriads of plants and flowers in the world, but they do not carry the same appearance and beauty; so also are living things like birds, beasts, fishes and humans. You would agree that you’ve seen various handsome men and beautiful women at different times, but their beauty are not the same. In other words, it can be said that the glory of a thing is the beauty of

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How important or relevant to the Christian walk are the fruits of the Spirit?

In today’s contemporary world, if you are in need of an academic certificate towards the pursuance of a career, then you may need to enrol at an Institution of learning. Your study in your chosen path most times reflect in the way you think, the problems you tackle, the way you talk etc. All these reflections are characteristics of what you have learned. They show that you have been schooled in a particular field. When Christians gather together in the name of the LORD, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit should be in evidence since all have been sealed in the

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