Overcoming unbelief

Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God- Hebrews 3:12

According to the Bible verse above, an unbelieving heart is an evil heart. Why is unbelief categorized as evil? Romans 1:21-32 explained it all. No one values what he does not believe in. It is not possible to worship a ‘god’ you believe not. When men doubt God, they refuse to retain God in their knowledge. They begin to do things that contradict His words. Even when they know their acts are abominable, they persist because their heart is full of rebellion. Because God sees the act of unbelief as evil, He, therefore, releases the doubting man to a reprobate mind; a mind that does all sorts of evil without a feeling of remorse. His heart is hardened even to the point of destruction. (Romans 1:32).

Why do I need to overcome the evil heart of unbelief?

It is recorded in the Bible that no man with a doubting heart can receive anything from God. 

The only condition for receiving answers to our prayers is asking in faith: without wavering (Mark 11:23-25). It was the faith of the woman with the issue of blood that healed her. If she had doubted, she would have probably died in her ordeal. She got her healing after taking the step of faith. She told herself “if only I could touch the hem of his garment.” After been healed, Jesus said to her “…..daughter, thy faith hath made theewhole.” (Mark 5:28 & 34).• Unbelief would rob you of your redemptive rights.

The disciples could not cast out demons as Jesus did; and when they inquired of the Lord why it was so, Jesus said to them “….because of your unbelief” (Matthew 17:19 & 20). You need to overcome unbelief to exercise your dominion over principalities and powers as released unto you on the cross. • Unbelief makes you claim the glory meant for your maker. 

A heart that does not believe in God is a boastful heart that thinks his life is in his hands. A heart of unbelief tells you everything you possess is solely by your efforts; an act that could lead to destruction because God resists the proud. An example is seen of a foolish rich man in Luke 12:16-20.

So, if a heart of unbelief is this evil, how then do I overcome it?• Be reborn in Christ and believe in him.• Purge your heart:Hebrews 9:14 Plead the blood of Jesus over your soul for the energy of the flesh cannot overcome in such battle. Your knowledge and counseling alone will not drive this force of change. Ensure that the heart is free of offense against God. Forgive yourself also.• Renew your mind with the fresh word of God:Joshua 1:8. Romans 12:2. Fill up the heart now with the word of God (study and meditate the scripture) so that you can first change your thinking pattern and secondly, have no more room for the devil to sow his seed in your heart.• Walk also in the Spirit:Galatian 5:25. Here, begin to show the lifestyle of Christ. If you found yourself at a crossroad of any decision, ask yourself “in this situation, what will Jesus do?” Your answer should not be farfetched after taking step 3 above.• Possess the spirit of faith:2 Corinthian 4:13, Faith grows the more you take in the word of God. However, the Spirit of Faith is imparted. Have those that carry the spirit of faith lay hands on you to contact the same spirit of faith in them.

And above all, surrender yourself to God for He alone can renew the right spirit within you.