Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing the voice of God is one of the many mysteries that have puzzled people whenever the topic is being brought up for discussion. To some people, it is just a myth or folklore that is only good for fables and kiddies story books, since it looks foolish to them that God can speak to people. This belief or thought is not limited to atheists or unbelievers alone, but can also be seen in some Christian arenas. There are some Christians that do not believe that God can speak to them or that they are capable of hearing the voice of God. Well, the whole scriptures, right from Genesis to Revelation is filled with the activities of God and man, and many records of events in the Bible showed us that God does relate with men and speaks to men. So, if you are a believer, and you read the scriptures, and you claim to believe the things that are written inside, then logically, it can be concluded that you believe God can speak to us as men. It is contradictory to say that you believe the whole of the scriptures and come back to say that the voice of God cannot be heard by men, and the meaning of this is that you have not believed the scriptures at all in the first instance.

Now, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God, (Romans 10:17, NKJV). This is telling us that the first move that will make you hear the word of God is by believing in God; when you believe in God through Jesus Christ, then you have become one of those legible to hear and understand the voice of God. There is no religion on earth that has personalised the knowing and knowledge of God like Christianity. It is only in the Christian circle that the knowing of God is personalised, and that is why we call God Father many times, and this we learned from Jesus, (Matthew 18:19, 6:9-13). You can see that the Lord’s Prayer started with the words, Our Father who art in heaven. So, Jesus brought intimacy with God to us, and this cannot be seen in any other sphere except in Christianity.

So, one of the first places to hear what God is saying is through the scriptures. The scriptures is the word of God given to us to correct us and make decisions, and the sole aim of hearing the voice of God is so that we can be guided. So, as a young or old Christian, you must understand that this is the primary way. It is not until you hear God speak audibly to you before you recognize that God is speaking to you.

Furthermore, God does speak audibly, yes! It is possible, but the truth is that it isn’t common. If you felt that you have heard an audible voice and you begin to contemplate whether God has spoken to you or not, then it is good that you crosscheck whatsoever you have heard with scriptural truths to ascertain whether it is truly the voice of God or not; this is because the devil can also speak to us to deceive us, but when we can differentiate wrong from right, then we will be able to make right decisions. Also, you must understand that hearing the voice of God audibly may mean that you have developed spiritually to a considerable measure, that is, your relationship with God is good and high, and because of this, your frequency in tune with the things of the spirit is sharp and excellent, but this doesn’t happen every time. What is also paramount in knowing the voice of God is that your obedience to the words of God can bring you a spiritual growth to the extent that your frequent obedience and use of the grace of God to do right things will give you an uncommon ability to discern both good and evil, and this means that you are matured in the Lord, (Hebrews 5:14).

Then, there is what is known as the still small voice which is often referred to as the voice of the conscience, that is, our conscience as humans. If the Lord is in you, then be rest assured that the Spirit of God has quickened your human spirit, and your spirit is able to remind you of your actions and intending actions. Your spirit is alive because the Spirit of life is in you.

Another way to hear what God is saying is through dreams and visions; remember that God had already poured his Spirit on flesh according to what Prophet Joel said and this was manifested on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was released, (Joel 2:28-29, Acts 2:16-17). You can hear the voice of God or know his mind through dreams and visions; this many times reveal secrets or make you prepare for things to come.

       Finally, it is good to know the things above, but the most important things to note before all or some of the things written above can come into manifestation is to acknowledge the part of spiritual exercises. That is, drawing close to God through fasting and prayers. Without relating to God in prayers, you may not know much of what God is saying to you. Also, the first point above is important when mixed with prayers, that is, the knowledge of the word of God, these are the spiritual resources that increases your spiritual growth to hear the voice of God and hear right from him, hence, hearing the voice of God is not a myth, but a reality.