Overcoming the spirit of fear

In the scriptures, it is noticeable that the words fear not appear many times. It is said by some that these words appear 365 times in the King James Version of the bible (Old and New Testaments), while some object to it and say they appear in only 103 times in the bible. But whichever way, the truth is that the words appear a great deal in the scriptures. And it is also noticeable that the words “fear not, or do not be afraid” mostly came from God and not man.

 If this is so, then it means that God knows that there is fear on earth in great measures and he is ready to help us as humans. Right from the time that man fell from glory in the Garden of Eden, God knows that man has become weak since the devil has gotten power to manipulate the affairs of the earth. And God knows that the earth will become a place where terror and suffering lurks because every person has to search and labor for survival.

And this is the reality of the life of man from the time that man fell until now. So, humans have to survive in different aspects of life. Some of these aspects of life entails securing lives against foes who are also humans, searching for greener pastures and better opportunities, provision of food and shelter amongst other necessities of life. Now, if one would meet up to the standards of these life’s aspects, then it means that each human would work, and not only that, but would also need power and help from time to time.

Failure to meet up with the standard that these life’s aspects demand or the failure of the standards to be met as at when due are some of the things that bring fear to the heart of man. So, it doesn’t matter if a man has a body with six-pack ripped abs like a wrestling star or a woman having a perfect shape and the strength of a black belter martial artist, they can still be dealt with by fear irrespective of their muscles.

This shows that the spirit of fear is real, and it can weaken the strongest of mortal souls if not put in check. But apart from the many places that God has admonished us not to fear in the scriptures, let’s focus on 2 Timothy 1:7 which says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

       The first process in overcoming the spirit of fear is by believing the word of God like 2 Timothy 1:7 that was just quoted. As a Christian, you should know that you didn’t just come to being like the absurd big bang theory, rather you know that there is a God that took time to create you. And this God has given you His words to believe.

Yes, you can’t see him, but you can feel him and perceive His works and wonders. If this is so, you have no reason not to believe His words. You can only get help with Him, believing in His invisible presence.

He has given His children the spirit of power, love and sound mind. These are what you should meditate upon and fill your heart with. Even when it seems hard to make a meaningful living, or pay your bills or live in a more decent apartment, fill your heart with courage and power linking it with the help you can receive from God.

The spirit of fear is fuelled by anxiety and worrying, therefore, stop worrying! Jesus said, which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” (Matthew 6:27, NKJV).

Yes, fear is real, but worrying won’t make it go away, rather it expands it. Therefore, discipline your mind; this may be hard because it is not being taught in many churches, but it is very possible to control the mind. Cultivate the habit of controlling your thoughts and mind and you will gain mastery over temptations.

Lastly, pray and talk to God about your fears. Your fears may not be harassing you physically. It may be psychological or spiritual due to past events or other works of the devil. But the good news is that Jesus Christ has already overcome for us. Pray to God to eradicate it and give you peace.

You have the right of authority over the works of the devil. Continue to claim that right of authority, power, love and sound mind today, and you will get to a place where you will overcome every fear that challenges you to the extent that you won’t fear death or anyone who can only kill the body; rather you will only have the fear of God, (Matthew 10:28).