The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Month: May 2020

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When I was about six and a half years old, I was living with a family friend and his family. The man was very good to me. He worked away from home for weeks or months at a time, and his wife was evil and treated me badly, like a slave, whenever her husband travelled back to his workstation, about 500 miles away from home. On one occasion, I became seriously ill with a terrible tooth ache. One of my molar or premolar teeth got infected and created an abscess on my left cheek the size of my two fists.

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Are You A Thief? Pt.2

In the Gospel of Mathew 5:31-32; Our Lord Jesus Christ gives us the criteria for divorce. You cannot divorce except for sexual immorality, PORNEIA. Porneia is a Greek word from the origination written script of the NEW TESTAMENT. The etymology of this word Porneia in proper English translation means PROSTITUTION. Now, there are male prostitutes as well, especially in Rome and Greece, so this statement of our Lord Yeshua is not only referring to women but also to men! Uhmm.  We heard Jesus clearly telling you and myself in chapter 19 verses 8-9 the twine of divorce and adultery. If

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Once upon a time, there was a married “Christian woman” who was not contented with her financial status; She was a bank manager who was also doing some petty trading as a side hustle. She was competing with one of her stepbrothers who was all-round blessed by God. This woman, let me name her Cynthia, started committing adultery with one of her directors, a philandering adulterer. The director also had a mistress, a divorced socialite. On her own part, the divorced socialite was also a lover to a young Casanova. Unbeknownst to the socialite woman, this Casanova had full blown

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