Once upon a time, there was a married “Christian woman” who was not contented with her financial status; She was a bank manager who was also doing some petty trading as a side hustle. She was competing with one of her stepbrothers who was all-round blessed by God. This woman, let me name her Cynthia, started committing adultery with one of her directors, a philandering adulterer. The director also had a mistress, a divorced socialite. On her own part, the divorced socialite was also a lover to a young Casanova. Unbeknownst to the socialite woman, this Casanova had full blown HIV (AIDS).

The deadly disease spread from one to another of these lovers within a very short time. Because of Cynthia’s unfaithfulness, her husband separated from her, and she rented an apartment close to the director’s house. Within a short period, Cynthia became pregnant. She informed the director that he was responsible for her pregnancy however, he denied the pregnancy and terminated their relationship.

Cynthia was three months into her pregnancy, alone and seriously ill. She was diagnosed with HIV. She decided to terminate the pregnancy. She did not disclose to the clinic where she went to terminate the pregnancy that she was HIV positive. And, as it happened, in the part of the world where Cynthia lived, some clinic operators are mainly concerned about receiving payment for their services than anything else. The pregnancy was terminated without the medics being aware of Cynthia’s HIV status.

After the termination, Cynthia went back to her apartment, bleeding heavily. She managed to text her husband, asked for his forgiveness and informed him about her health situation. The husband went round to Cynthia’s apartment and took her to the hospital for treatment.

It was too late. Cynthia died a few days later.

When you take something that does not belong to you with no intention of returning the item, and without the knowledge or blessing of the rightful owner, you are a thief.

When people work for you or render a service to you in exchange for a financial return, but you refuse to pay them, you are a thief. When you commit adultery with another man’s wife or another woman’s husband, you are a thief. When you fornicate, you are a thief. When you lie in order to gain some benefit for yourself, you are a thief.

You call yourself a Christian and you are using your body unlawfully and in an unholy manner, you are a thief. 1Corinthians 6:19 says; “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in you, which you have from God? You are not your own, but of God.”  Your purpose on earth is to serve and worship Jehovah your creator.

In the Ten Commandments, God said that we shall not commit adultery nor steal neither shall you covet another man’s property. If you are committing adultery, the person you are cheating with may be another person’s covenanted partner. You have not only committed adultery, but also theft and covetousness. You are a thief.

You are fornicating. It is not that you are only committing the sin of sexual immorality, but also stealing another man or woman’s personal belonging (virtue of matrimony). You are a thief. Do not tell me that you going to marry each other; at that moment of your immorality, you are not in matrimony.

Leviticus 19:11 says; “You shall not steal, neither shall you deal falsely, nor lie to one another…”.

Jesus Christ says in Mathew 19:18; “Do not murder, do not commit adultery. Do not steal. Do not offer false testimony. He teaches the same thing in Luke chapter 18, verse 20 and in Mark 10:19.

You lied against an innocent person for your benefit or reward and you think the only sin you committed was just lying! NO! You have not only lied but stolen as well. The benefit and reward you gained from your lies, were not yours to have. At least, not by deception. You are a thief.

There is no sin that goes unpunished. God will forgive when you repent from your evil way, just like what happened to Cynthia. Though she asked for and may have received forgiveness from her husband nevertheless, she died because of the consequences of her iniquities.

Exodus 20:15; “do not steal & 22:1, “If a man steals an ox or a sheep, and kills it, or sells it; he shall pay five oxen for an ox and four sheep for a sheep. If the thief is found breaking in, and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt of bloodshed for him”.

What about your disobedience? God said that you shall not steal in the seventh commandment, it is for your own good and benefit. If you are physically caught stealing, the disgrace and repayment for stealing will be more that the value of what you stole, because there are still the spiritual consequences for stealing and disobedience.

Proverbs 30:9, …. Or lest I be poor, and steal, and so dishonour the name my God.

 As a child of God, when you steal, you bring disgrace to the name of the Lord, your spiritual punishment is awaiting you. You did not only steal but also disobeyed God our creator, our heavenly Father.

What about you Shepherds (Pastors), teaching your flock falsely in the way of Balaam and Nicolaitan. Jeremiah 23:30-3 says, Therefore, look, I am against the prophets (including shepherds, ministers of God)’ says YAHWEH, ‘who steals my words everyone from his neighbour. Look I am against the prophets says YAHWEH, ‘who use their tongues, and say, “He says”

You are chronic teachers of the Balaam/Nicolaitan doctrine.  

What are Balaam’s teachings? Read Revelation 2:14 and Numbers 31:16. You do not see anything wrong in women dressing seductively upon the altar of God. They dress like the prostitutes in the Greek’s temples, enticing people into sexual immoralities.

When you are teaching or preaching, twisting the word of YAHWEH, in your deception in order to achieve your covetous goal, you are a fraudster; a robber in the house of God.

When you are preaching, manipulatively, saying, “God said” when He has not spoken, you are twisting the word of God to suit your greed and to deceitfully control your congregation for your evil agenda, you are mixing the word of God with that of Balaam’s teaching or adopting the Nicolaitan teaching into the church to please the world. You are teaching the doctrine of Lucifer, (doctrine of Mammon) to gather your crowd. All you are concerned about is the population of your congregation not the nourishing word of God, you are a thief. 

John 10:10, “…. The thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy”. In the process of your “manipulation” of your congregation, you are killing the flock as you are spiritually feeding the sheep with spiritual poisons and at the same time destroying the temple of God.

Now let me briefly talk about matrimonial iniquities. I know a woman who had married three times and the two divorces were based on the satanic lies of incompatibility.

Malachi 2:14-16 says, when you divorce and marry another person, you have disobeyed God and if have children in your new relationship(s), you are not bringing godly children into this world. I did not say it, but God says it; verse 15a.

In the Gospel of Mathew 5:31-32; Our Lord Jesus Christ gives us the criteria for divorce. You cannot divorce except for sexual immorality, PORNEIA. Porneia is a Greek word from the origination written script of the NEW TESTAMENT. The etymology of this word Porneia in proper English translation means PROSTITUTION. Now, there are male prostitutes as well, especially in Rome and Greece, so this statement of our Lord Yeshua is not only referring to women but also to men! Uhmm.  We heard Jesus clearly telling you and myself in chapter 19 verses 8-9 the twine of divorce and adultery. If you think that a divorce certificate has given you the audacity to remarry, you are living in sin. Marriage is forever, till death separates you.

To be continued.