Miracles are always around us at every moment in life. I see miracles everyday just as it was in the beginning of the world. When God said “Let there be light” there has been light ever since and darkness has not been able to prevail over it. God created ADAM by the act of a superior miracle when He said, “let us create Man in our own image,” that is in the likeness of the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

After all that God created, HE made human beings in His own image to rule over all that HE (God) created.


Of all the powerful creations of God, Lions, Buffalo, Python, Scorpions, cobra, and all the other dangerous animals, God made human beings to govern them, putting the fear of humans in the animals. He even gives us the ability to tame the animals, no matter how strong they are. A rhino can break a man to pieces with just a single head blow, but when you are not in fear and you wait for the rhino, it will stop about three meters away from you. The fear of humans that God put in animals makes the rhino not to be able to smell humans the closer they get. God even made the rhino to be long sighted so as not to see you when they are closer. In the same manner, your heavenly Father protects you from evil when you are still in His presence with no fear of Lucifer.

For a human being to have been conceived is not just a biological process, but a miracle. Spiritual blindness makes people to think that procreation is simply a result of a male and a female being having sexual relations. No! it is a miracle. Every single time. When you were conceived, out of millions of sperms that vied in the race for humanity, God made you to win the race in your due season. It is not a mistake that you are alive. You are on planet earth to carry out the assignment you were created to fulfil. Your Destiny.

When you are carrying out your assignment in the will of God, strategically, you will be experiencing the daily loaded miracles of God.

There is a miracle at your doorsteps.

Do you remember when Peter was arrested and imprisoned by Herod the King of Judea, after he killed James, the brother of John with the sword? You see every time Christians pray and do not expect a miracle, Satan continues to still their joy, cheat and deny them of God’s blessings. That is why you need to be careful of whom you ask to agree with you in prayer. Otherwise, you may delay or deny yourself of your miracle. When Peter was imprisoned, the brethren were praying for him. I believe that Rhoda was praying for God to perform a miracle in delivering him from the prison and God sent an angel of the Lord to deliver Peter. When Peter got to the door where the church was praying and knocked, Rhoda was expectant. You see when you are humble yourself before God like Rhoda, miracles will become more of a regular occurrence. Rhoda was a maidservant. She heard Peter’s voice and with joy ran back to give the warriors the good news. However, they were not expecting a miracle. Maybe some of them were even doing the religious prayers thus: “Oh God please forgive Peter so that when he gets to the gate of heaven, you will accept him. Forgive him for cutting the ear of Malchus the servant of the high priest…….” etc,. Whatever else they were thinking, they did not believe Rhoda. Peter knocked several times before being admitted. just as Jesus Christ is knocking at the door of some peoples’ hearts to pour out abundant miracles into their lives, to save and heal them. However, the door remains shut. Can you even imagine if Peter did not obey God by not going to the house of Cornelius? You can imagine how many souls could have been lost. Cornelius’ household might not have received eternal salvation. So also, Peter. He might not have received his miraculous rescue.

Faith is the key factor for your miracle. Several of the miracles that Jesus Christ performed happened because of the faith of the people that were seeking for miracles.

Your miracle is at the door.

I have searched across the bible and cannot see any miracle without exercising FAITH.  Jesus raised the dead son on the way for the dead to be buried. There was no faith involved. Not on the part of the recipient at any rate.

The man by the pool of Bethsaida received his miracle without faith. The man by the beautiful gate received his miracle without faith. The dead man’s body was cast into the tomb of Elisha in 2Kings 13:21 and he came alive. The man had been prepared for burial but when the body touched Elisha’s skeleton, he lived again. Lazarus’ miracle was not by faith, but Jesus Christ raised His friend from the dead. When you walk by faith and not by sight, you will receive your miracles.

When you do not doubt but trust in God for all your needs, He will surely do what you ask if the other conditions are met.

Wait on the LORD, I say WAIT! Do not be too eager like Sarah. Do you want an Hagar in your life? Then do not produce a man-made miracle. Stop looking for one. Learn to know the differences between miracles & magic.

It is only God that performs miracles. Satan performs magic. When you totally surrender to God in truth and in holiness, doing His will always, your miracle will soon be at the door.

I remember the story of the widow of Zarephath. In obeying God, Jehovah performed an uncommon miracle in her house when she opened her house to the man of God. In this case, we see in action, the power of hospitality. You may be thinking now that “so called” men and women of God are thieves or liars. You may be right; however, I want you to know that there are still many true servants of God out there. They may not be well known or outspoken like the selfish Nicolaitans and Balham teachers, and the enticers but they are out there.

God miraculously supplied the needs of the widow by bringing Elijah to her household. She acted in the will of God and got her miracle.  In 1Kings chapter 17, from verse 8 to 24; Two big miracles sprang forth in this widow’s house. The house was full of the food of life, the bread and the anointing in the jar of oil. Even when the spirit of death visited the woman, and tried to kill her only son, God brought the boy back to life. What could have happened if the women refused to obey in opening her door to God? The miracle worker may not have been able to perform the miracle.

By faith, in Genesis chapter 18, Abraham stood firm in waiting for God’s divine miracle, (Isaac). After the hospitality Abraham gave to the Angel of the Lord, he received the miracle with an unchanging promise; “I will certainly return to you at this time of life. Look Sarah your wife will have a son”. What is it in your life that you need a miracle for? Whatever darkness there is in your life, Jehovah ORI can shine His light on it, if you will let Him. Are there issues in your life that need divine intervention? Hand them over to God. He is a miracle working God. Doubt not, for by this time tomorrow, you shall be in abundance; 2Kings chapter 7, Yahweh is a miracle working God of abundance. He can deliver your enemies into your hands; Joshua 11:6.

Who is the mountain before your Zerubbabel that God cannot turn to a plain? Zechariah 4:7, God is a miracle working God. “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of God, which he will work for you today, for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you shall never even see again”, Exodus 14:13. God miraculously parted the sea for His children to escape their enemies, and suddenly swallowed the enemies in that same sea.

God is a miracle working God. Yahweh is His name. He is full of wonders. My personal testimony is that He has been so wonderful to my soul. Let Him be in full control of your life. He is your creator and has got the manual for you to operate your entire life successfully.

If you want God to intervene in your life and perform miracles in your life and you have not made Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour, this is the time for you now to accept him.

A life without Jesus Christ in it is no life. Not the way God prepared and packaged it for you.

If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, so that God can always be there for you, then you need to make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour.

Finally, my Lord Jesus Christ says in the book of Revelation chapter 21 verse 8 against the lovers of evil that “as for the cowardly, the untrustworthy, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those involved with the occult and with drugs, idol-worshippers, and all liars — their destiny is the lake burning with fire and sulphur, the second death.”

I do not want you to waste your life or be a stranger to your maker and go to hell in eternity, today is your day of repentance. Do not delay.

Jesus the Messiah is the only Way, the Truth and Life. No one can see God except through the Son. He is the Door to the Father. His name is Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and of peace, there shall be no end.

If you truly want to accept my Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour of your life, please say the following prayer.

Dear God,

I know that you made me and want me to obey you with all my heart. I know I have disobeyed and wanted to be my own boss. I have thought of and done things against your directions. I am sorry. I know that you gave up your begotten Son’s life to save me from these sins and make me your child again. I accept your promises and ask you to please save me now and forever. Amen.

Dear Jesus Christ, I am a sinner and I am sorry for my sins. I need you as my Saviour. Jesus Christ, save me, come into my heart as I am opening the door to my heart for you today. I receive you as my Lord and Saviour.

I am going into a new covenant Lord Jesus Christ, as I receive you now as my Lord forever. I believe you died for my sins. I believe you rose on the third day to give me eternal life. I am giving you all my heart as I surrender my life to you. Take total control of me now & forever, in your Holy name I pray. Amen.

Shalom, Shalom, Shalom Aleikhem!!!