The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Month: February 2021

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Sharing The Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ With Atheists

“Atheist” describes a person who doesn’t believe in the existence of a god or God by extension. There have been many who did not believe in the existence of “God” or any other god. Some of them include David Hume and Immanuel Kant, who gave influential critiques of the traditional arguments for existence of God in the 18th century. In the 19th and 20th centuries Nietzsche, Feuerbach, Marx, Freud and Camus set the stage for modern atheism. Atheism is divided into parts namely, narrow atheism and wide atheism. The narrow atheist does not believe in the existence of God, while

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How to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims

In order to witness to a Muslim, there are certain pieces of information or knowledge that a believer might want to have handy as equipment for the work. A Muslim in Arabic is a person who dedicates himself to “God” and an adherer of Islam. They are custodians of the Qur’an, given to them by the Prophet Mohammed termed to be a “miracle” or “clear sign” (sheets containing Mohammed’s revelations). He was knowledgeable of the Scriptures that is, the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. According to Ahmed Deedat, a South African based Islamic teacher, he made claims in a pamphlet, “Al-Qur’an,

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Purpose & Divine Alignment

Man was made by God, to be like God (Genesis 1:26). This means that man must find the direction for his life’s purpose in God, and from God.No person can truly find their purpose outside of God, and even if we think that men have fulfilled purpose because of the great things they have done, the last requirement to be truly “fulfilled” is to be “in Christ”.Many have risen; great warriors, great inventors, great rulers, great politicians, great athletes, great business authorities, and the list is endless. The truth is that if any man finds himself doing wonders and is

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