God Fulfills His Promises

Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God. – 2 Corinthians 7:1 NIV.

One of the attributes that makes God distinct is His holiness; and one of the many things that this world offers us or the devil tempts us with is sin – which defiles people and makes them unfit to stand in God’s presence. In many cities and towns spread across the world, human culture is designed in such a way that it makes sin look inviting and a pleasurable thing to do. To make it even worse, the governments of many nations today are in favor of policies, certain laws, and organizations that promote sexual immorality and abortion.

Under the influence of the devil, they make righteousness look like a strange thing while they encourage filthy behavior that distances people from God. They target and persecute the people who are living in obedience to God and then celebrate those who advance anti-God purposes.

Nevertheless, God’s standards remain unchanged. His word remains the same just as His divine nature is constant. He cannot stand the sight of sin, neither does He use different standards for different people. Have you ever wondered why the devil tempts people to sin? It’s simply because he wants to separate man’s spirit from God so that he (the devil) can use their bodies as his instruments on earth.

The devil clearly understands that complete holiness before God is both spiritual and physical. Often, he laughs at those who claim to be God’s people and yet indulge in sexual fornication and similar sins. He knows that to drive a wedge between God and His most beloved creation, he has to encourage them in living a lifestyle that defiles their body, which was designed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit of God. This strategy of the enemy is recorded in the Old Testament; the false prophet Balaam had counselled Balak to lure the people of God to commit sexual sins so as to cause God to turn His back on them (See Numbers 25:1-16 Revelation 2:14).

As a matter of fact, the enemy will not give up seducing God’s people. He will continue to use all the means available to him including the internet/social media and the entertainment industry. In other words, the devil is that stubborn and dedicated to his evil works. Therefore, God’s people must abide in His grace so they can overcome the temptations of the enemy. They must determine to stay pure and remain undefiled by the world with it’s lusts. They must never let go of the truth of God’s holiness, His righteous standards and the rewards He promises to those who love Him and obey His will for their lives.

He has given us precious promises which He intends to fulfil both in time and in eternity, but His promises are conditional and can only be experienced by those who keep His word. Do you want to get the best of God in your life and experience His promises of safety, provision, health, peace and a life that never ends? I guess your answers are yes. You can rest assured on God’s wonderful promises, but you must also play your part by fulfilling His ‘terms and conditions’. Keep your body clean, keep your spirit undefiled and keep your heart pure!