Although we live in the world, we are not of the world (John 15:19). We are called to be the light of the world as God’s children. This means that we must show the world the right way to live in the midst of its depravity, darkness and godlessness.

As ambassadors of Christ, representing heaven on earth can seem like an uphill task. It is not easy to stand for God particularly when God is being set aside in the systems of the world already. In the midst of the chaos and pressure to give in to the world’s ways, how do we maintain our faith in God?

Let’s consider a few things that we must do to stay godly and holy in the world:

  1. Keep fellowshipping with God.

 We cannot claim to be representing God on earth when we don’t even relate with him. If you will stand strong in God till the end, then you must take your fellowship with him seriously. Fellowshipping with God involves all the things we do to spend time with God, speak to him and hear back from him. This includes prayers, fasting, studying the Bible, worshipping God, meditating on his word and so on. Jesus set an example for us by taking his fellowship with God very seriously in his stay on earth. He never did anything except what he saw the Father doing (John 5:19).

We can’t be in God’s presence and still be enticed by the world. If you want to maintain your faith in God, pray every day, spend time with God, fellowship with him everywhere you go. Staying away from fellowship with God is putting backsliding at risk.

  • Fellowship with God’s people.

The kind of environment you are in determines the kind of person you will be. If you want to stay godly you need to plant yourself among godly people. If you make a company of people who don’t know God your closest friends, you might feel undue pressure to lose your faith. If you make godly people your closest friends, you will always feel a desire to know God more. You must establish yourself in a community of believers that can pray with you and encourage you when you feel discouraged in your walk with God. Get active in a local church, share your burdens with fellow believers and have them pray with you. Jesus himself showed us this example by moving together with disciples who could pray for him and encourage him.

Apply this same principle in your life and your faith will always stand.


Standing for God in the world may not be easy. However, we have an anchor in God that will hold us through stormy times. No matter what you go through, don’t compromise your faith in God for anything. We can live in the world and influence it positively instead of the word affecting us negatively. Keep shining as God’s light anywhere you find yourself.