The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Month: March 2022

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What’s like to live like Christ?

Living like Christ As a people who confess faith in the Son of God, Christians are to live their lives in such a way that will demonstrate to the world the immense power and grace available in Christ Jesus. On the day we confessed Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we were marked (invisibly) by the cross and separated from the rest of the sin-loving world; however, there are still many Christians are out there who live their lives and conduct their affairs in an ungodly manner as if they still belonged to the world. Some of the time, Christians

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Building Intimacy With God (final part)

After Christ’s death and resurrection, He exalted mankind and transformed it into divinity. He brought the man with whom God seeks a union back to God via death and resurrection to join God and man as one. Today, Jesus Christ is the life-giving Spirit who comes from the Spirit of God, that is, from God’s nature and essence. Romans 8:2 He is also referred to as the Spirit of Life. He is the Holy Spirit, as well as our God and Savior. This is the One in whom we believe and preach. This is also the One to whom we

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photo of child reading holy bible

Building Intimacy With God Pt.2

So, how do we dedicate our lives to God and establish a closer relationship with Him? 1. Spend time with Him through praying and reading the Bible: Start by praying and reading God’s word regularly to create a personal relationship with him. We become closer to God when we devote our time to prayer and reading God’s word.  2. Talk to God everywhere: It’s simpler to talk to someone when you keep trying to build a rapport with someone who genuinely cares. As a result, sharing your sorrows and joys with God helps to strengthen your relationship with Him. The Bible says, “pray continually”?

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Building intimacy with God

In layman’s terms, intimacy is defined as a deep bond of friendship or acquaintance. Everyone yearns for unconditional love and acceptance. We all wish to be cared for and loved for who we are. We long for connections in which we don’t have to hide who we are or what we’re feeling for fear of being judged as less or inferior in others’ eyes. For this kind of closeness, God is the true friend. We will find it difficult to be intimate with imperfect humans if we can’t be intimate with a perfect God. However, if we can be intimate

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