The New Testament frequently references the “blood of Christ,” a metaphor for Jesus’ entire atoning death and work on our behalf. The fact that the Savior bled on the Cross and the more important fact that He bled and died for sinners are references to His blood. All who place their faith in the blood of Christ will be saved. The blood of Christ can atone for an endless number of sins committed by an infinite number of individuals throughout the millennia.

Everything you require to lead a life of victory has been made available through the power of Jesus’ blood, including Redemption, community, healing, safety, and control over the devil.

Believers are aware of the blood; we recite hymns about the blood, and we commemorate the blood during Communion. How many of us, though, are fully aware of its full power and all it has done for us? How many of us use it and put it into practice in our daily lives is even more significant.

The phrase “the blood” is kept in front of us from Genesis to Revelation as a reminder of its significance to God and us. The Law was given, the Passover lamb was sacrificed, and the sacrifices of Abel, Noah, and Isaac took place, but “not without blood” (Hebrews 9:7).


We are familiar with the story of Redemption. Eve, Adam’s wife, was tricked into disobeying God when Satan visited her in the appearance of a serpent. Instead of obeying God, Adam did what Satan instructed him. He effectively made Satan his Lord by doing it. Adam surrendered the authority that God had given him by kneeling to Satan. He established Satan as the planet’s unjust ruler.

Everything changed starting that day. Death was transmitted to all men with a single transgression. Suddenly, the earth and everything on it were cursed, and man’s wickedness caused him to be cut off from God. Sounds impossible to solve, no? Yet God had a strategy.

He had a similar redemption strategy to Abel, Moses, and Noah: blood would be shed. The blood of merely a goat or ram could not provide such immense Redemption for all of humankind, for all of time. This kind of Redemption requires a much bigger offering—the blood of His Son, Jesus.

The greatest thing that the blood of Jesus did was to cleanse us of all sin and make us as pure and white as snow. God will stop remembering our past sins when we accept Jesus as the Lord of our life. That demonstrates the blood’s potency! What’s best? There is nothing on the Cross that you need to earn or pay for. In actuality, even if you tried, you couldn’t earn it. Accepting this free gift with delight is the best thing you can do.

The blood not only cleansed us from sin but also delivered us from the law’s curse, allowing Christ to grant us THE BLESSING of Abraham.

The curse, what is it?

The curse includes everything horrible you can imagine, including death, sin, ailment, disease, poverty, lack, and depression. Adam’s treason gave Satan control over human life, but because of the force of Jesus’ blood, you were delivered from the curse, and Satan was driven out of business the moment you made Jesus Christ the Saviour of your life.

To be continued…….