The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Month: September 2022

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The Right Hand of God pt.1

INTRODUCTION In days gone by, the individual who held the highest or highest status was the one who stood to the right of the king. Even in modern times, one can be referred to be another leader’s “right-hand man” or “wingman” when that person serves as the individual who is physically closest to the other leader. A good illustration of this can be seen in Genesis 48:13–14 when Jacob used his right hand to bestow a blessing on the kid who would receive a more significant blessing. The concept of someone being at God’s right hand is related to the

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WHAT DOES THE BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS STAND FOR IN A BELIEVER’S LIFE? Propitiation: To Remove God’s Righteous Wrath Jesus is the one who “God presented as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith,” according to Romans 3:25. The sins of God’s people are a significant barrier because he is a just God. He has chosen to love us out of kindness and grace, but because of his justice, he cannot ignore the fact that our transgressions are acts of cosmic treason against him. So, out of love, he comes up with a plan to appease justice

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