THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IN CHRISTIAN LIVING | The Significance Of Looking For The Fruit Of The Spirit


I want to discuss certain arguments and how the passage has ramifications. I discuss the significance of looking for the fruit of the Spirit and the necessity of the believer’s heart’s readiness to surrender to the Spirit. It is the “correct” action to take. God did not save His people in a way that allowed them to carry on sinning. He wants us to have a variety of qualities that set us apart from the unsaved. If we do not actively seek salvation, nothing changes.

We could not be in a worse position than this. If we continue to deny our faults after conversion, it is true to argue that the truth is not in us. However, we would be deceiving ourselves and others if we claimed to believe but didn’t act as though the Gospel was undoubtedly true. There is a reason why love always takes the lead. Love is, in fact, the most important thing. Yes, it is, for it is one of the two tenets of God. Love feeds and grows the other eight fruits of the Spirit.

For instance, happiness, peace, goodness, compassion, and gentleness are all byproducts of love. They are propelled by love and show God’s utter adoration for everyone. Love also gives us the qualities of self-control, patience, and constancy. The apostle Paul commands us to “examine yourselves” to gauge our level of faith. Could you test it out? Or do you not realize that, barring the improbable scenario in which you fail the test, Jesus Christ is within you?

Brothers, be even more diligent in affirming your calling and election because if you put these traits into practice, you will never stumble, the Disciple Peter added. Because if you follow his instructions, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will generously open a door into his heavenly kingdom for you. (2 Peter 1:10-11). One of the ways I assess myself and know that Christ is within me is by how much I demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in my day-to-day activities. They act as a barometer for my religious beliefs and serve to show others the marvels that God bestows on individuals who acknowledge Christ as their Savior and believe that God raised Him from the dead.

God took me out of the spiritual darkness and placed me in His saving Light, ending the reign of sin over me. My carnal inclinations were transformed into faith in the shed blood of Christ through him. The Holy Spirit immersed me in the knowledge of God’s truth, and Jesus awakened me to the reality of God. And this fact gave rise to the fruit of the Spirit. As of now and as a result of God’s gift of redemption, the fruit of the Spirit has become a crucial part of my spiritual life. I get better at exhibiting those nine divine qualities as I grow closer to God and live more like Christ.

In conclusion, the spiritual life is as dependent on the fruit of the Spirit as the physical life is dependent on food and drink. Without them, we cannot bear fruit that is acceptable to God. This fruit’s beautiful insight is that we don’t have to walk in the Spirit alone. No, we have the support of the Father’s laws in the form of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and other believers. It will therefore become second nature for you to ask, “How can I serve them?” rather than automatically acting in your marriage, business dealings, and friendships from a position of self-interest, obtain what you want from them. Love is the fruit of the Spirit, after all.

Happiness will be your default state rather than your emotions and confidence being influenced by how well your life is going and whether you’re getting what you wanted because the Spirit directs your attention to your status as God’s child and love for you in Christ. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Because you wish and work to close the gaps and right the wrongs by requesting and extending forgiveness, your life will be one of peace rather than tensions, disappointments, and arguments holding you apart from this one and that one. Peace is a fruit of the Spirit.

When God decides not to grant you a good gift, such as financial success, good health, a spouse, or children, you won’t quickly become irritated because other people aren’t treating you as they ought to; instead, you’ll wait patiently because you believe in the love and wisdom of the Lord. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. It will be natural for you to recognize those needs and to empathize with their struggles, as opposed to you feeling resentful when other people ask you to put aside your plans to assist them, to look down on those who are different from you, to criticize others who don’t live up to your standards, and so on because kindness is a fruit of the Spirit.

You’ll start to desire to do what is right, work to make things right, and recognize the ugly and wrongness of the way things are instead of basing your standards on what other people do. You’ll start to feel sorrow over all the wickedness in the world and the havoc it causes to people’s lives. Goodness is the fruit of the Spirit, after all. It will become crucial that you maintain your commitments and fulfill your vows, from the heart and out of love, rather than doing as you should merely because other people are watching or in an outward fashion.

Because you are aware that you are a sinner who equally needs forgiveness as they do, you will treat your brothers and sisters with consideration and gently correct their shortcomings rather than having a quick tongue, constantly observing others to judge, criticize, and condemn them for their flaws, and participating in gossip and slander because kindness is a fruit of the Spirit. It will also come naturally for you to regulate yourself rather than allowing your temper or cravings to rule you, letting your emotions run wild, or speaking everything that comes to mind. You won’t give in to those sentiments and thoughts when they appear. Self-control is the fruit of the Spirit, after all.

The Spirit arrived for this reason. This is the message of Pentecost: the assurance of a brand-new nature and personality. Not for maintaining a list of regulations. Paul clarifies in this epistle to the Galatians that we cannot be saved by the law alone. We require grace to save us. Christ informs us, “This is the salvation you require.