BIBLE TEXT: Amos 5: 4-6, Mathew 10:38-39, Isaiah 55: 6-7, Zechariah 8: 20-23,

MEMORY VERSE: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)


To “seek God” is to “seek good,””seek justice and righteousness,””seek righteous worship,” and “seek the word of the Lord.” God genuinely desired to deliver Israel from impending great catastrophes. It is evident from the way that despite God’s invitation and offers for Israel to turn to Him, repent, and obey His commands, Israel never did. God allowed Israel to be seduced by other nations due to her sin, as Amos noted.

When Amos uses the phrase “to seek God,” he means to pursue righteousness, justice, and goodness and to worship the Lord properly and diligently. Then, God would fulfill His promise to Israel that “you may live.””Live” refers to being cleansed of one’s sins, taking advantage of God’s mercy as one of His children, living life to the fullest, and ultimately receiving eternal life in heaven. Amos admonished the people after informing them of the LORD’s decision, saying, “Seek the LORD so that you may live!” The LORD apparently had just advised on how people could survive the impending onslaught. However, God now seems to be giving people hope that even though judgment is unavoidable, the LORD might show mercy if they turn from their evil deeds and seek the LORD.

Your life is safe in the hands of the same God who created life. He came so you could have an abundant life. God placed eternity in every heart, and seeking Him awakens that eternity and focuses our minds on everlasting matters. The world advises pursuing fulfillment to discover life, while the Bible states that you will find life’s fulfillment by seeking God.


God desires to converse with us. He wants us to put aside our to-do lists and busy schedules and spend time with Him, soaking up His presence. He is eager for our prayerful communion with Him, so He can speak to us directly. I picture my great-grandmother at her kitchen table when I think of this. For my grandpa, she had cookies and coffee ready to go. She looked forward to this communication every day and awaited his arrival at nine every morning. She needed these meetings daily because they gave her energy and informed her about her son’s life events. Every day, God desires to converse with us. We can confess our sins and receive forgiveness from God when we meet with Him. We can be confident that all the wrong things we’ve done have been undone and that we are now perfect in His eyes.

We may not be able to recall the specifics of the sins we have committed, but we can still ask for forgiveness for the sins we are aware of and those we are unaware of. We remain humble and lose some of our pride when we confess our sins. Our weariness leaves as we meet with God and gain wisdom and renewal. Although we have been pronounced righteous in Christ, living a good life every day is not simple. We can walk in the Spirit and resist satisfying our flesh’s desires by seeking God (Galatians 5:16). We imitate the people we spend time with. We cannot live a righteous life without Him (John 15:5). Giving the Master the keys to your heart brings joy. Sitting before Him, who is sweeter than honey and more priceless than gold. He renews our spirits, brings brightness to our eyes, and fills our hearts with unbridled joy. Your head will be crowned with everlasting joy, and you will experience gladness as your sorrow and sighing vanish (Isaiah 35:10).


The Scriptures are replete with the Lord’s promises to his people, and all of these gracious arrangements remind us of God’s amazing grace in providing for us abundantly. In light of this, the psalmist exclaims, “How enormous is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you!” Psalm 31:19. The LORD will grant grace and glory; He will not withhold good things from people who walk uprightly! Psalm 84:11. Put God’s kingdom and righteousness first, and all these things will be added to you. 6:33 in Matthew. What might not be “good” in the eyes of the Divine intellect may seem “good” based on our judgment. We are stupid and shortsighted and frequently want things pleasing to flesh and blood. God is the only one who can best guide and provide for us since he sees cause and consequence, the end from the beginning.

Christians have the advantage that, despite their inability to make decisions for themselves, their heavenly Father is infinitely knowledgeable and just and can thus make decisions for them. They will experience prosperity if they can handle it without suffering harm. God will diminish them if their abundance causes them to forget about Him. His unlimited mind is aware of what will truly benefit us, and he will act accordingly. They won’t be without anything good related to their acceptance or salvation by God. All the blessings they require are stored up in Christ and will be freely given to them, including abundant forgiveness, total justification, all the rights of adoption, and total Spirit influence. Any good thing connected to divine providence will be available to them. They are God’s special attention’s object. God establishes the boundaries of their homes, provides for all of their needs, protects them from harm and evil, and keeps them until the day of salvation. They will need something good for protection and direction as they travel through this world’s wilderness. 

Do they not face numerous threats from the Great Enemy of Souls, wicked and cunning people, and secular engagements? Who is adequate for such things? However, God will protect them. They won’t be without a good thing to give them consolation when things are bad. “The LORD’s eyes are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their plea,” the Bible says. Psalm 34:15. Do they possess spiritual obscurity? God’s face will illuminate them. (Psalm 34:17)

Are they terrified? I prayed to the LORD; he heard me; he delivered me from all my worries. Psalm 34:4. “Therefore, have no fear; for I am your God, I am not far off. In terms of communion with God, they won’t lack anything good. They can physically approach his throne, knowing they will encounter him there, where he will bestow mercy and grace upon them. The LORD answered this poor man’s prayer and delivered him from all his problems. Psalm 34:6. To find mercy and grace to help us in our hour of need, let us confidently approach the throne of grace. Heb. 4:16. They will need something excellent to ensure their safe arrival in Heaven. “You will be given a warm welcome into our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s eternal kingdom!” 2 Peter 1:11. You lead me with your advice, and then you’ll lead me into greatness.

Your sacrifice for God will always be rewarded by Him, who is the true owner of everything (Psalm 24:1). Jesus assures those who give up their possessions to follow Him that they will receive just as much from Him in both this age and the one to come, even though it may not look the way you expect (Mark 10:28-30).

To be continued…