The Armour of God in Spiritual Warfare

The enemy we battle is not flesh and blood but rather the evil Spirit presently at work in the sons of disobedience. The demonic Spirit of wickedness operates among the sons of disobedience, and the spiritual forces of evil will utilize unsaved and blinded people to carry out their terrible objectives. The Holy Spirit of God, who operates in Christians, is the sole means by which we can overcome the spiritual foe who wants to undermine our trust in Christ Jesus. We must combat the enemy with the spiritual tools He has given us, such as prayer and the Bible, because we are in Christ, and He is in us.

Since the opponents we are up against are not made of flesh and blood but rather wicked spiritual rulers and authorities. The only effective and long-lasting weapons against this evil enemy are found IN Christ, the Word of God, and all prayer. Our daily battle is against tremendous powers in this dark world and demonic spirits in heavenly regions. Because Christ is both our Savior and the Truth. Christ is both our Peace and our Righteousness. By faith, we can now share in Christ’s victory at Calvary. Only through HIM and the spiritual weapons of war He offers can we successfully wrestle against the evil powers in our world today. He defeated Satan through His death, burial, and Resurrection.

Therefore, take up the full armour of God so that you will be able to resist in the evil day and, having done everything, stand firm. (Ephesians 6:13)

In defiance of God Almighty, invisible rulers of darkness and demonic spiritual entities who dwell in high places and are at war with us are hell-bent on destroying many people’s lives and destroying Christians’ testimonies. They are the Lord’s arch-enemy, and their goal is to destroy humanity and eradicate Adam’s race, which was created in God’s likeness. Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God to be ready to withstand the day of evil and, after doing everything else, to stand firm.

Paul urges and pleads for us to put on the full armor of God to be prepared to thwart the enemy’s satanic plans and purposes in the evil day and to stand firm in a world that is spinning out of control. We have been assured of our position in Christ and reminded of our wonderful resurrection power in Him by faith. Each of us must put on the whole armor of God to defend ourselves from the enemy’s evil attacks and maintain our steadfast adherence to the faith that God provided through His everlasting Son.

The spiritual armour of the Christian has several parts, but upon deeper examination, we find that each one is firmly connected to our standing in Christ. We are instructed to put on Christ—to remain protected in His flawless righteousness—to dwell in Him and hope in the Lord—when the enemy assaults and demonic powers work to undermine our faith. Lord Jesus is the Truth and the Way. Being His offspring, we enjoy eternal peace with God and the perfect peace of God in our hearts in Him. He is our righteousness.

He is our Savior, and through faith in Him, we have access to the throne of grace through prayer for mercy to receive assistance when we are in need. By grace, we have access to the Scriptures, which are the inerrant, God-breathed Word of God recorded. He is the living, eternal Word of God made human. If we stand firm against the enemy’s cunning and maintain our steadfastness in this terrible day, every piece of our spiritual armor is essential.

Every piece of armour must be worn at all times if we are to prevail, for only when we submit to God, abide in Him, and He in us are we given the ability to fight off the devil and are guaranteed a great spiritual victory. The full armor of God, or to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, is what we are commanded to do in addition to picking up our weapons of war. Paul exhorts Christians to put on Christ, live in Christ, and rest in Christ—just as He lives in them.

Nowhere do we have to stomp on the enemy’s head or chastise Satan as some would have us believe. Even Michael, an archangel, said the words, “The LORD rebuke you, Satan.” However, the Bible calls on us to oppose and drive away the enemy. According to Peter, “Submit your all to God and resist the devil and his way, and he will flee from you.” Here, we are also told to “withstand in the evil day and stand firm” so that we will still be standing after doing everything.

We are not to make concessions to the world’s ways or allow the shadows of our darkened age to fool us. To be able to stand fast on the truth of God’s Word, as we pray in Spirit and truth, with every petition and supplication, and as we patiently intercede for all of God’s saints, we are urged to stand firm in the evil day and to clothe ourselves with the armor of Christ.

May we be faithful to live up to the privilege of being a part of Christ’s spiritual army, and may we never try to confront the enemy using the might of our flesh or arrogant selves. Instead, may we put on our armour as we pray in the Spirit and remain protected by Christ, in Whose name we stand, and may we take up our heavenly armour as we stand.


We are in awe of our Lord’s mighty might and unfailing grace as we end our investigation of engaging in spiritual combat. We have been made aware of the reality of the invisible conflicts we engage in, the spiritual armor and weapons at our disposal, and the tactics for resisting the forces of evil through the timeless truths of Ephesians 6:12–13. We now understand that the enemies we face are not those of flesh and blood but rather the kings, authorities, and cosmic forces of evil. Knowing that the wars we fight are grounded in a spiritual dimension far beyond what our eyes can see changes our perspective and equips us to fight with spiritual discernment.

We have been urged to put on the belt of truth while protecting our thoughts with the unflinching truth of God’s Word while wearing the armor of God. To guard our hearts and stand firmly in the righteousness of Christ, we have put on the breastplate of righteousness. We walk in readiness while wearing the shoes of the Gospel of peace, proclaiming the good news of redemption and rapprochement to a hurting world. The Helmet of Salvation guards and protects our minds and guarantees our eternal security in Christ, while the shield of faith deflects the enemy’s flaming darts. We have learned the strength and authority that come from learning and sharing God’s truth because we are armed with the sword of the Spirit, His Word.

Our Heavenly Father (GOD) is our ultimate source of strength and guidance, and we have adopted the weapon of prayer to communicate and commune with him. We’ve discovered along the way that carrying out spiritual warfare calls for both understanding and actual application. These tactics allow us to fight with courage because we know that the church is supporting us and that we are not fighting alone. Jesus Christ has given us the ultimate triumph in all of our undertakings.

The victory of the cross reverberates in our hearts, serving as a constant reminder that He has triumphed over the world and given us the ability to do likewise. We now know who we are: conquerors, covered with the righteousness of Christ, and brimming over with His Spirit. He has given us the power to face down snakes and scorpions and vanquish the dark powers that aim to obstruct us.

Let us accept our call to wage spiritual battle with fire and determination as we draw to a conclusion in this book. Let’s keep putting on the armor of God each day and praying to Him for wisdom and fortitude as we do so. May we walk in forgiveness and love and praise our Lord with all of our hearts. By doing this, we will be able to share our sense of victory with those around us and in our own lives.

Please remember that spiritual warfare is an important part of our Christian walk and should not be treated lightly. May the power of the Holy Spirit be with us always as we walk, leading, enabling, and filling us with His love. As the body of Christ, let us remain firm, unified in purpose, and unshakable in our dedication to fighting in the spiritual realm; because we do not struggle with carnal forces of evil but with spiritual ones.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Conqueror, let us go forth and boldly engage in the spiritual warfare that lies before us. Amen.