The Blessing of Fruitfullness & Multiplication

In Genesis 1:28, it is written that God blessed mankind and spoke to them, instructing them to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. God also commanded them to subdue the earth and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and every living thing that moves upon the earth.

What a charge!

Without doing anything to merit it other than existing, mankind has been given a “blank cheque” to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish!

This verse highlights the divine intention for humanity to prosper and thrive. By being fruitful and multiplying, humans are encouraged to increase in number, ensuring the continuation of their existence on earth. It serves as a reminder of the importance of procreation and the responsibility placed upon mankind to populate the world.

In addition to procreation, God instructs humans to replenish the earth. This means that humans must care for, nurture, and restore the earth’s resources, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for generations to come. It also emphasizes the importance of stewardship of the earth’s resources; preserving its abundance for future generations. Finally, it serves as a reminder of the importance of passing on knowledge and wisdom to the next generation.

Furthermore, God commands mankind to subdue the earth. This does not imply reckless exploitation or destruction, but rather responsible stewardship. It implies a sense of authority and control over the earth. Humans are called to manage and utilize its resources wisely, while respecting its intrinsic value.

God also grants mankind dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and every living thing that moves upon the earth. This dominion signifies a position of leadership and responsibility. Humans are entrusted with the task of caring for and overseeing the well-being of all living creatures, ensuring their survival and harmony within the ecosystem.

In conclusion, Genesis 1:28 highlights God’s blessings upon humanity and His instructions to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, and exercise dominion over all living things. It serves as a reminder of our responsibility to care for and nurture the earth and its inhabitants, promoting continuity and harmony.

It also demonstrates God’s love, care, and desire for the wellbeing of mankind. This has been God’s intention from the beginning. As if that was not overwhelming enough, God then proceeded to give His only begotten Son as an atonement for our sins. This is according to John 3:16; For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. God’s great love for all humanity is a great reminder of His goodness and His amazing grace. It is a reminder of the mercy He is willing to show to all of us, no matter what we have done. It is a testament to His ultimate forgiveness and mercy.