The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Category: Power of God

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Faith In The Power Of God

…so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom and rhetoric of men, but on the power of God – 1 Corinthians 2:5 AMP As God’s people, we must realize that there are only two ways to get things done in life, and those two ways are wisdom and power; and NO, there is no other way just in case you’re trying to figure it out. The earth is structured in such a way that it only responds to these two things (wisdom and power) if you’re going to get meaningful results or answers. For instance, did you realize

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Can You Bribe YAHWEH? We cannot bribe Elohim neither can we trick HIM. He is Jehovah El-Roi; God who sees more than you think. HE sees your heart, so HE knows whether you love Him or you are just praying and fasting to appease Him so He can bail you out of the predicament you are in. Some time ago, two people came to me to agree with them in prayer on certain issues. When I started praying with one of them, the Holy Spirit told me to ask certain questions, which I did. The Holy Spirit made me to

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The Spirit of God, the wheel of Power!

In the Christian race, the spirit of God and His anointing are two paramount interwoven things without which no one can do exploits. The Bible says where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty (2Corithians 3:17). This scripture is categorically saying the availability of the Spirit of God brings liberty. In other words, the absence of His Spirit attracts oppression. A little wonder why Saul was possessed by evil spirits that tormented him as soon as the Spirit of God left him (1Samuel 16:14). God’s anointing is the physical seal that displays and confirms the presence of God’s Spirit

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