The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Category: The will of God

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Knowing The Will Of God

Introduction Understanding the will of God is a timeless quest that has intrigued and guided countless individuals throughout history. For many, it’s a profound and deeply personal journey, filled with questions, doubts, and moments of revelation. In this article, we will explore the concept of knowing the will of God, providing insights and perspectives that can help you on your own Christian journey. 1. Prayer and Meditation One of the fundamental ways to discern God’s will is through prayer and meditation. This involves setting aside dedicated time to connect with the divine. Prayer allows you to express your thoughts, desires,

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Praying The Will Of God

Every single day of our lives on this planet brings to us blessings, surprises and challenges. There has never been (and there will never be) a time that we get to enjoy God’s goodness for a lengthy period of time without having a challenge or two that needs to be overcome. At such times, we find ourselves in a tight spot and then become eager to find a way out or around the present situation. When we become desperate, we – by natural instinct – begin to look for just anything that might be of help, even if it only

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