The Kingdom of God has come near to you. Luke 10:9

Tag: The kingdom of God suffereth violence

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The Kingdom of God Suffereth Violence (concluding part)

Previously in pt.2………, And from the days of John the Baptist until now, The Kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, Though this translation claims that the Kingdom of heaven has been forcefully progressing since John the Baptist, we must still comprehend the issue of violent men attacking it, which appears to be negative on the surface. These parts start to puzzle us in terms of interpretation, most likely due to a mistranslation of the words or a text that appears ambiguous in interpretation. But, to assist us to comprehend, we’ll look at the original Greek text: The Greek verb here could

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The Kingdom of God Suffereth Violence Pt.2

Previously………., The word of God does not condemn us but rather it hits hard on our sins. Jesus can only be a friend of the sinner only if the sinner is willing and ready to surrender and forsake his or her sins. On the other hand, the wise guy is proven wise by his sensible deeds. The wisdom to embrace both Jesus and John for who they were and what they were called to be was something Jesus had in mind. Although some may criticize John, but let us consider what he accomplished: he brought thousands of people to repentance,

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